Fetish Personals

ALT - ALT is the leader in alternative lifestyle personals, with more than 3,500,000 active member profiles. ALT will connect you with like minded individuals who can turn your BDSM and fetish-oriented fantasies into real life experiences. Featuring chat rooms and an advice magazine, ALT is not afraid to explore the darker side of fetish and fantasy play.

Bondage.com - Bondage.com is an experienced fetish & BDSM community. With hundreds of thousands of members worldwide, Bondage.com has unmatched brand identity both inside the kink community and with the mainstream. Renowned for its original content and member forums, Bondage.com is sure to satisfy your appitite for kink.

Adult Personals

Adult Friend Finder - Adult Friend Finder is a personals site targeted toward adults looking for sex partners.  With more than 23,000,000 active members, Adult Friend Finder is the most popular personals site for people in search of a good time.

Out Personals - Out Personals is the world's largest gay personals site.  More than just a gay personals site, Out Personals offers an adult environment geared toward those looking for hot man-on-man action, fantasies, and straight-up sex, as well as romance. With active member profiles at more than 1,500,000, Out Personals is one of the top gay personals sites on the Internet.

Dating Personals

Friend Finder - Friend Finder is the largest online dating personals site with over 1,500,000 registered members and award-winning content. Friend Finder is targeted toward singles looking for love, romance, and even marriage.

Gay Friend Finder - Gay Friend Finder is one of the newest and fastest growing sites in the Friend Finder Network. It caters more towards relationships and serious dating, in a PG-rated meeting environment without the nudity. Gay Friend Finder has great features and functionality and includes chat, anonymous e-mail and powerful search tools.

Ethnic Personals

Amigos.com - This is the Spanish/Portuguese version of Friend Finder and one of the fastest growing sites in the network. It includes a Spanish, English, and brand new Portuguese interface.

Asia Friend Finder - This site is the largest online dating personals site targeted towards Asians, with over 3,000,000 active members. The site uses both traditional and simplified Chinese character sets as well as an English interface.

Filipino Friend Finder - This site is the largest online dating personals site for Filipinos and people interested in the Filipino culture. The site uses Filipino character sets as well as an English interface. Membership includes people from around the world, with a high concentration of Filipinos residing in the United States.

French Friend Finder - The leading online dating and relationship site for the French, this site is growing fast. French Friend Finder includes both English and French interfaces.

German Friend Finder - This is the German version of Friend Finder. It has more than 240,000 active member profiles and translations in both English and German.

Indian Friend Finder - Indian Friend Finder is the leading online dating and relationship site for Indians and is growing very rapidly.

Italian Friend Finder - Italian Friend Finder attracts people interested or involved in all aspects of the Italian peninsula; its language, it's people, it's cities, it's beaches and it's ideas.

Korean Friend Finder - Korean Friend Finder is the leading online personals site specifically targeted towards Koreans. It features live chat, anonymous email and includes Korean and English interfaces.

Faith Personals

Big Church - A huge Christian/Church community and dating service. There are thousands of active members looking for friends, marriage and even bible-study affiliates. Big Church has a searchable bible, bible verse or scripture emails, chatrooms, and more.

Jewish Friend Finder - Jewish Friend Finder is fast becoming the largest online Jewish dating personals site with over 200,000 registered member profiles. This site is targeted toward Jewish singles looking for love, romance, and marriage.

Other Personals

Senior Friend Finder - Senior Friend Finder is an online personals site for people over 40 years of age. With more than 450,000 active members, Senior Friend Finder easily lets members find a match in their own area or across the world. Featuring active chat rooms, an advice magazine, and more.

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